Saturday, 19 June 2010

AppStore – Top 5 Cool Games

Games which you can show to your friends and boast about your shiny new iPhone.

1. Touch Grind

The Ultimate platform game, no other game personifies the essence of the iPhone touch screen than this game.

  • excellent graphics
  • great unique controls
  • real physics
  • infinite replay value (hey! its skateboarding)

Make this a must have game on your iPhone.

P.S : I keep this game to amaze my non-iPhone friends.

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2. Zen Bound

Perfect controls, great graphics, super relaxing game play. Another game which is a must to have on your iPhone.

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3. Sway

Great use of superb responsive iPhone graphics, unique gameplay and good replay value.

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4. iBlast Moki

iBlast Moki is one of the best physics games on App Store, with all the tricks all the game play combined in one package. A casual game at its best.

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5. Flight Control

Flight Control is a cool simulation game along the lines of line drawing genre, it has precise touch controls and smooth graphics. Nice games to show off.

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